Diocesan Logo - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego Diocesan Logo - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

Diocesan Logo


Our new mark carries the hues of our diocesan seal, which continues to serve as our official mark on legal documents and certificates. The golden color represents the light of Christ in the world; it also symbolizes the sands of our deserts and beaches. The red stands for the transformative Holy Spirit and the blood of Christ, while the three blue sections represent faith, hope and charity in the color of water, a powerful symbol of renewal in baptism. The tagline emerged from our vision statement as the most descriptive element of who we are as a diocese.

Our Mission: The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego: a missionary community that dares to follow Jesus Christ in his life of fearless love for the world.

Our Vision: Undeterred by borders or barriers, we are pilgrims with Jesus in relentlessly searching for others to befriend, know and invite to Christ’s Eucharistic table of reconciliation and sacrificial love.

We seek and strive to be a people of fearless love as we follow the one who is fearless love incarnate.

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