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Online audiences prefer, and respond more enthusiastically to, images than text. Keep your sentences simple; write for about an eighth grade comprehension level to appeal to the greatest number of people. Remember that screen glare, font size and website layout can considerably affect the readability of online text.

In your print publications, use images liberally as well. A compelling photograph conveys more profound meaning more quickly than words, however skillfully strung together. Avoid large blocks of text. They’re visually indigestible and prevent most readers from beginning the block.

These are examples of good photo-to-text ratio in an online format.

Gardener Susan’s blog
Notice how each entry features at least two high quality photos; all photos have captions; and all text blocks are 250 words maximum.

In the Moment blog
A little text heavy, but a good example of how one stellar photograph packs a meaningful punch.

Letters of Note blog
Even this blog that is text central still benefits from using images of actual letters instead of just reprinting the text.