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How to Apply

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This page is for clergy who wish to apply for positions in congregations in the Diocese of San Diego.

Applying for Positions

Send your resume and your updated OTM portfolio directly to the contact person. We prefer that you use email not hard copies. The deployment officer does not keep your resume on file or attempt to match you with positions.

Contacting Parishes

Contact only those parishes receiving names. They have created a parish profile and a OTM community portfolio.  The parish and deployment office take considerable care in the preparation of those profiles, and accordingly expects you to study and to use them to discern whether or not you believe your strengths, experience and abilities are a good match for the parish.

Contacting Search Chairs

Contact information is listed on the positions open list and on the OTM community portfolio. We give prayerful attention to the selection of our search chairs.  They are some of the most able, committed, dedicated and hard working lay leaders in the diocese.  They are your trustworthy contact about the history and dynamics of the parish as well as the progress of the search process.  If you are not getting timely and sensitive responses from them, please contact the deployment officer.

Scheduling Interviews

Once the parish search committee has reviewed your material, they may contact you for conversation or to gather more material from you.  Formal interviews and visits to the parish, however, are arranged only after the bishops have given their permission.

Introducing Yourself

Scheduling an interview with the Canon for Deployment to introduce yourself or to inquire about positions in the diocese is not necessary and, frankly, of little value. Information about positions is all available on this website, from the search chair or in the parish profile.

Contacting You

The deployment officer  may contact you if a parish selects you as a candidate they would like to formally interview. If you are a finalist (one of the three candidates the search committee recommends to their vestry), we expect that you will make arrangements to meet with the deployment officer when you are interviewed by the vestry.