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Our 46th Annual Diocesan Convention took place on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9 at St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert.

Convention Book (PDF)

Pre-Convention Book (PDF)

Bishop’s Sermon

Resolutions as Passed (PDF)


The Bishop’s Address by the Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook

Evangelism Workshop: Beyond the Red Doors with the Rev. Alex Montes-Vela

Immigration Workshop with Dawn Stary and Dinora Reyna

Leading for Discipleship with the Rev. Ryan Fleenor



Secretary of Convention

Ruben Rodriguez


John Will

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Tom Morelli
Marian Gaston

Executive Council

The Rev. Roger Haenke – 2023
The Rev. Brian Johnson – 2020
Barbara Peralta – 2023
Grecia Rivas – 2023

Standing Committee:

The Rev. Colin Mathewson – 2023
Darryl Peralta – 2023
Pete Casalegno – 2021
Louis Glosson (Butch) – 2020

General Convention Deputies:

The Rev. Colin Mathewson
The Rev. Hannah Wilder
The Rev. Gwynn Lynch
The Rev. Joe Dirbas

Pauline Getz
Hanh Tran
Louis Glosson (Butch)
Judy Brown