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Christian formation is one of the pillars of life in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. Whether an offering is planned within a congregation or for a larger audience, each one is designed to help us walk more closely with Jesus. An important piece of planning a diocesan-wide offering is knowing that it will enhance, support, and highlight work that is being done at the congregational level.
Before adding a diocesan-wide program, we need to ensure that congregations and diocesan staff have the bandwidth to engage with the program. The EDSD Formation Calendar helps to ensure that we are meeting those requirements. For those reasons, each month will have a maximum of four diocesan offerings.
Items on the EDSD Formation calendar can be offered by congregations, diocesan staff, or outside agencies. If you would like to submit a program to be considered as an offering for the EDSD Formation Calendar, please review the calendar of events for the appropriate program year and then complete the form below.

After reviewing the Formation Calendar, please submit your event here.

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